Mythological Tours

Mythological Tours of Coyoacán

During this nocturnal tour we take advantage of the darkness and continue with the oral traditions to narrate the myths of Coyoacán, as well as talk about the traditions of the different neighborhoods and their festivities

Monday to Sunday at sundown.


Mythological Tours of the Historic Center


At sundown myths and legends from colonial times come to life and are narrated by characters who lived during this times, who were testimonies or protagonists of said stories.

The Mythological Tour consists in a Tour aboard a trolley where you will travel through streets and squares of the Historic Center with guides characterized as people from the Colonial times.
This way, part of the vast oral heritage of Mexico City is diffused.

When: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 18:45, previous reservation.
Duration: 1 hour
Where: Plaza del Empedradillo, left side of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Mezcal Experience

Don’t miss out on this tour around La Roma neighborhood! Learn everything about the history and culture of the Mezcal, a traditional Mexican distilled liquor aboard a trolley.

When: The third Thursday of every month from 19:45 to 22:00 hrs. Previous Reservations.

Duration: 2 hours approximately.

Where: Base of the Tranvía, Parque México Av. Michoacán.

Save your place! 044 55 6146 1529



From Canteen to Canteen


Who has not grieved over a broken heart and went to a bar or canteen to drink liquor and listen to love songs against them?  Well, canteens are not only to escape emotions, they are also places that host stories, anecdotes, tastes and smells.  

Join us in a tour of the most emblematic and traditional canteens of the Historic Center of Mexico City aboard a Tranvía and the company of a guide who will delight your visit.

When: Thursday at 18:45, previous reservation.
Duration: 2:30 hours

Where: Plaza del Empedradillo, left side of the Metropolitan Cathedral.



Everything is better with good company, that is why we created this tour specially for you and your furry friends.

When: Friday from 7:00 to 20:00 hrs.

Duration: 1 hrs.

Where: Base of the Tranvía, Parque México Av. Michoacán.


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